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Do Sikhs deserve Khalistan?

After you read the bottom statistics then.... YOU decide yourself who struggled a lot And Ask "YOURSELF" a question... WHY SIKHS didn't get any respect for doing this much for India????


At that time(mid of 1900) Sikhs population only consists less than 2% population of Whole India !!!! 1)Total number of persons hanged during the freedom movement....121 Number of Sikhs.....93 Others.....28


2)Total number exiled for life.....2708 Number of Sikhs.....2147 Others.....561 ***********************************************

3)Martyrs during Jallianwala Bagh.....1300 approximately: Number of Sikhs.....800 Others.....500 ***********************************************

4)Total number of martyrs in Kuka Movement.....91 Number of Sikhs.....91 Others.....nil ***********************************************

5)Total number of martyrs at Bhaj Bhaj Ghat (Calcutta).....113 Number of Sikhs.....67 Others.....46


Statistics on the participation of the Sikhs in the struggle for India's independence. (Ref. Hair Power, S.S. Alag) "..the statistics were compiled by Maulana Azad." ***********************************************

Our Grand fathers did so much for this country, & still we didn't got any little "respect" for what our grandfatehrs did, Instead we seems to them as an enemies.

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thanks to Vicky Singh & Inderpreet IPS